Trail running in Edinburgh: Martin Gore

I spent a fun few hours last week shooting on Corstorphine Hill with Edinburgh-based triathlete Martin Gore. Martin and I first met in August 2016, on a photo shoot with the Hartree JETS Triathlon Team for 220 Triathlon magazine. Since that initial shoot, Martin has gone on to win the 2016 Gullane Beach Triathlon.

The goal for our photo shoot in Edinburgh was two-fold. For me, it was to try and fabric the red and gold leaves of Autumn into a trail running shoot and to explore some of the landscape and potential for outdoor adventure photo shoots in my home city. For Martin, it was the opportunity to do what he likes to do best, which is to be outdoors and active when he's not working as a fire fighter for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

Unfortunately, the weather didn't play ball and we didn't have the colourful sunset I was hoping for (and was expecting) as the forecast changed to rain on the day of the shoot!. We did though decide to still go out and we had a good time nonetheless.