The day after Boxing Day, I was sat in front of my computer screen, pondering new plans for 2017, when I received a text from Doctor Andrew Murray asking if I'd be interested in heading out for a trail running photo shoot in Edinburgh.

Doctor Andrew Murray is a Merrell brand ambassador and an experienced distance runner, having ran 4,279km from Scotland to the Sahara Desert in 2011, 550km across the Namib Desert in 2015 and multiple marathons in remote places around the world, including Antarctica. We first shot together in 2014 on Ben Starav in the West Highlands of Scotland.

Although Edinburgh is my home town, it's not somewhere I've really shot before (preferring instead to head north to Scotland's Munros). From local photographer's, I know that one of the classic Edinburgh shots is atop Salisbury Crags, near Arthur's Seat, looking out over the city towards Edinburgh Castle. Andrew concurred with this - it's somewhere he runs regularly - so we arranged to meet there and we spent a few hours dodging the crowds, making images in my home city.