Image © David Orkisz

Marketing is an essential task for photographers and other creatives. Despite the ease of building a website and setting up social media profiles it's still not (and likely won't ever be) realistic for freelance photographers like me to expect clients that we'd like to work with to find us on their own. A lot of energy needs put into how best we can identify someone as the right client, make contact with them and sell ourselves appropriately so we are a client's first choice when they're looking to purchase creative services.

In 2015/16, my primary business goal was to build up my online presence. Naturally, my marketing strategy to achieve this was weighted towards online communications and, over the last 12 month period, I've focused my efforts on key digital channels such as my website and Instagram. I've used these to more widely indicate my presence and help demonstrate the value I can add for clients seeking high-quality imagery for the promotion of products, people, health and the outdoors.

Digital marketing principles I followed;

  1. Capture great content
  2. Share content consistently - using my website, FB, Instagram, etc.
  3. Blog about topics of interest
  4. Engage visitors so they're interested enough to sign up to receive my quarterly newsletter

Happily, I exceeded my online targets (doubling subscriptions to my adventure sports photography newsletter and achieving a 400% increase in open/click rates). A downside though was my offline marketing took a back seat and I didn't meet with as many clients in person as I would have liked.

For 2016/17, I've decided on a more balanced approach to marketing my adventure sports photography business. Relationships are key in business and there's nothing to beat speaking with people in person. I’m looking forward to getting out and sharing my story with as many people as possible.

To support this, and in keeping with my principle of working with other quality creatives, I've paired with Edinburgh-based graphic designer David Orkisz ( to refresh my portfolio book, business cards and marketing material. (The work also prompted a new website design, with full-bleed images, online portfolio and updated galleries). I'm looking forward to sharing this material along with new work over the coming months in meetings I’ve scheduled with companies and creative agencies.

My diary is filling up fast so, if you’d like to meet with me, or you are interested in finding out more, please do get in touch.