Business essentials: Educational resources for photographers (Part III - Websites)

5 more educational resources I’ve used over the years to help me learn as a photographer and grow my business. (Read Part I - Business books and Part II - Instruction Manuals here). This time I'm focusing on companies or photographers whose websites contain a wealth of material that I’ve found very useful. They’ve either inspired me or informed my thinking as to how I apply myself as a photographer.

  • Wonderful Machine - One of the hardest things about photography, I find, is pricing jobs. Fellow photographers appear to be remarkably reticent to share or discuss their rates, which I think is very valuable. Wonderful Machine are a production company based in Philadelphia, USA. They have a very engaging blog that promotes their photographers but what I find most valuable is where they share their insight into how they’ve arrived at an estimate for a photographer on a particular job. The information is US-centric and the costs generally applicable to those markets but it is very detailed and it gives you the knowledge of what others have charged for work. Crucially, for me, it also details the thought process behind the figures that they've produced. (At a more basic level, I also valued this series about pricing jobs by Peter House).
  • A Photo Editor - Rob Haggart is a former Director of Photography for Men's Journal and Outside Magazine who hosts the long-standing website, aPhotoEditor. As well as occasional blog posts from Wonderful Machine (see above), there’s a wealth of information on the site that I find really useful (such as Brad Smith’s expert opinion on how to approach Photo Editors).
  • Chase Jarvis - Chase Jarvis is a US commercial photographer, entrepreneur and the founder of Creative Live who regularly provides advice on running a creative business and excelling at what you do. I especially valued Chase's blog outlining three clear reasons Chase recommends considering before accepting new work. It’s tempting to take every job that comes your way so it's good for me to remind myself of these every time I consider taking on a new opportunity. 
  • Creative Live - Creative Live is a comprehensive library of learning material for photographers and filmmakers (and anyone else creative). You can watch the tutorials live (or occasionally on catch-up) or purchase the tutorials to download for your own use. I've studied business tutorials plus learnt new skills from luminary photographers such as Joel Grimes, Joe McNally, Joey L, Zack Arias and Michael Clark.
  • ISO1200 - If a picture paints a thousand words, then film must be the next step up. The ISO1200 magazine, curated by Matt Palace (the 'BTS Search Guru'), is home to a wealth of 'behind the scenes' videos that provides an incredible level of insight into how people have produced their images. I've found it invaluable over the years, both as a source of knowledge as well as inspiration.

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