End of year photo review: 2015

An end-of-year presentation showing just some of the images I've taken during 2015. I hope you like them as much as I've enjoyed taking them. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mountain running in Scotland

In June, I continued a personal project, taking time out to meet friends and photograph the mountain running leg of the Celtman Extreme Scottish Triathlon. The effort I put into making these images (traversing the 4km ridge three times and making multiple descents and re-ascents of a 100m scree shoot) proves to me that pursuing personal work does pay dividends as the Celtman crew have commissioned me to photograph their event in a similar style in 2016.

Road cycling in Scotland

Whilst I was at the Celtman, I hooked up with elite triathlete Dirk Zangen from Germany, the eventual race winner, for a road cycling shoot of Dirk wearing the latest Nopinz Bioracer SpeedConcept TT skin suit.

Hiking in Scotland

The image above was taken in January during one of two shoots I had in the Cairngorms National Park this year. We were not long into a great 11-hour winter hiking adventure that took us up the Fiacaill Ridge, down underneath the remote Shelterstone Crag, up Beinn Mheadhoin and home after dark via Bynack More. It was a fun day spent doing what I like doing best, lightweight photography in the mountains, making images whilst participating in the sport.

Mountain running in Scotland

In October, I returned to the Cairngorms National Park for a mountain running shoot with Scottish ultra runner and fitness coach Donnie Campbell (www.getactiverunning.com). Our shoot was a commission for a large picture agency but Donnie’s wife, Rachael, broke her leg so we postponed. Donnie and I chose to go out anyway, shooting a series of mountain running images I've used for portfolio and editorial purposes.

Hiking in Scotland

I'm used to photographing on Beinn Eighe as part of the Celtman. But I'd never traversed the full c.8km ridge from east to west. Taking advantage of the excellent National Trust accommodation at Mol Mor in Torridon, David Hetherington and I turned a unusually late start into a great alpine adventure, walking and scrambling over eight summits until we descended to the roadside well after dark.

Climbing in Scotland

The winter season is my favourite season by far (though on days when it's cold, wet and windy and we're trekking through deep snow far from home, I do fondly recall warm summer camps spent drinking coffee by an open fire as the sun sets).

Adventure sports > Kiteboarding

Kite-surfing was just one of the new adventure sports I photographed this year. I'm looking forward to adding white water kayaking images to the mix in 2016.

Trail running in Scotland

Joanne Thom is an ultra runner and adventure racer from Luanshya, Zambia. I honestly have no idea why she doesn't have sponsors coming out of her ears as she's awesome (her list of achievements in 2015 include multiple first female podium positions and first team place in the European Adventure Racing Championships). In 2016, Joanne's signed up to the world number 1 adventure racing team, Spain's Columbia Vidaraid, so I'm expecting more great things from her.