Published in Singletrack: The King and the Joker

I'm pleased to say that Singletrack, a UK mountain biking magazine, has published two of my images in their April 2014 edition.

My photographs are helping to illustrate a feature titled 'The King and the Joker', a seven page article about two expert endurance mountain bike racers (Jason Miles - an IT Project Manager and the 'King' in the title - and the more well-known truck mechanic / motorcycle racer, Guy Martin) who have been training together over the last few years as they compete in various mountain bike races.

The editor of Singletrack, Chipps Chippendale, goes on a ride with Jason and Guy and talks to them about their friendship and goals. He also asks about the healthy competition the two had in January's Strathpuffer 24 Hour Mountain Bike race, which both were competing in solo. (Guy broke the record for number of solo laps completed in 24 hours - 30 laps in 23:36:08 - but it wasn't enough to beat Jason, who completed a phenomenal 31 laps in 23:28:26 to retain his title).

Singletrack magazine is a great magazine to aspire to for a photographer. It publishes eight issues a year and the quality of photographs and the matte paper they print on is awesome. My thanks go to Editor Chipps and Art Director, Jorji, for choosing my images - my next goal is shoot the cover!