TORRIDON, SCOTLAND - FEBRUARY 08, 2014: David Hetherington and Chris Hill scrambling on the Horns of Alligin during an ascent of Beinn Alligin in the North-West Highlands of Scotland

A week or so ago I headed to Glen Torridon in Scotland for a winter mountaineering shoot. Our plan was to climb Deep South Gully on Beinn Alligin (link is to an image by Get High mountaineering) but the expected snow, high winds and avalanche forecast put us off and we decided it was safer to stick to mountain ridges instead.

Torridon offers some of the best mountain ridge walks and scrambles in Scotland. And possibly the most photogenic. Located above Loch Torridon, Beinn Alligin gives you the option of adding to its two Munros - Tom na Gruagaich and Sgurr Mor - with an airy scramble over three interesting rock towers, the Horns of Alligin. A horseshoe traverse of Beinn Alligin and the Horns of Alligin provides the viewer with a stupendous 360 degree view over some of the best mountain, coastal and moorland landscapes in Scotland. 

As a location for a hiking photo shoot (or sea kayaking, swimming, running or cycling), Torridon is up there with the best.