The picture below shows race winner, Johan Hasselmark, and his support runner, Olof Häggström, leaving the summit of Spidean nan Coire Clach on Beinn Eighe during the 42km running leg of the 2014 Celtman Extreme Scottish Triathlon.

To capture the image, I spent an hour atop Beinn Eighe waiting for the Celtman lead athletes to arrive. Johan and Olof were first to the summit, a few minutes ahead of Stuart Macleod and Alan Cardwell, with Chris Stirling and Steve Ashworth not far behind. Knowing the type of photo I wanted, I'd positioned myself just off the ridge and as soon as Johan and Olof left the summit I started running along behind them. To capture photos of the Celtman, it's a case of trying to keep up as the athletes as they run along the ridge (which is difficult as they're super fit and carrying only essential safety gear and I'm carrying safety gear plus 'lightweight-but-still-heavy' camera equipment). In total, I have about 2 minutes to take pictures of each racer before it's a case of 'head down and run' as I try to keep ahead of the runners behind, but not so far behind the ones in front that I miss them descending the screen gully, 2km away, that all the athletes use to return to the finish line. (In 2014, I missed Johan descending the scree gully by about a minute but caught the others, which I was quite pleased with. I'll need to be quicker next year).

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