Published by National Geographic: Winter hillwalking on Beinn Eighe

I'm very happy that National Geographic, back in May, chose to publish one of my images as part of their 'Travel 365 - Explore the world, one incredible image at a timeseries. The image is of two hillwalkers descending into a steep 100m gully after a winter ascent of Beinn Eighe, a Munro in the Torridon region in the North West Highlands of Scotland. The landscape near Torridon is characterised by lochs, moorland, and isolated hills. Here, ripples can be seen on Loch Coire Mhich Fearchair, one of Scotland's most majestic mountain lochs. In the distance, over three miles away, are two Corbetts, Beinn an'Eoin and Baosbheinn.

(PS. If you read my last posts, about the Celtman Extreme Scottish Triathlon, this is the view you should be seeing when the runners are heading down the scree chute. The two folk below are headed down the same chute).