Team East Wind kayak up an unusually calm Straits of Magellan during the penultimate leg of the 2013 Patagonian Expedition Race.

I spent the last two weeks working in the media crew for the Patagonian Expedition Race. The Patagonian Expedition Race is an adventure race par excellence in southern Chile offering teams from around the globe the chance to compete against each other in the disciplines of mountain biking, sea kayaking and trekking (touching on mountaineering, some would say) across the Patagonia wilderness.

The winners of the 2013 Patagonian Expedition Race were the UK team Adidas Terrex Prunesco. Team members Sally Ozanne, Mark Humphreys, Nick Gracie and Chris Near covered the 700km+ course in 8.5 days, beating the second place team, East Wind, from Japan, by roughly 28 hours. In third place, and the only other team to cross the finish line, was USA team Gear Junkie / Yoga Slackers.

I covered the race (mostly in heavy rain unfortunately, if you can't tell) from checkpoints PC6, PC15, PC16 and PC17. In hindsight, trekking on route between PC2, PC3 and PC4 was the place to be, where the race crossed the Southern Patagonian Icefield and went past some iceberg-dotted lakes. Check out the race website for some gorgeous photos from the rest of the crew.

View my Patagonian Expedition Race photo essay.

My congratulations to the teams, plus NIGSA and all involved in the race. It was inspiring to watch and be a part of and I'd love to cover it again another year.