INVERPOLLY, SCOTLAND, 0CTOBER 21 2012: Frank Connelly scrambling on the pinnacles of Sgorr Tuath, a hill in the North-West Highlands of Scotland. In the distance is Stac Pollaidh and Suilven.

Sgorr Tuath is fairly indistinct hill, 589m high, just outside the Inverpolly Nature Reserve in North-West Scotland. I bivvied on the summit ten or so years ago, on a beautiful night where I could see much of the western seaboard (the next night I spent on top of Cul Mor, just in frame on the right). The rock architecture on Sgorr Tuath makes it a brilliant place to spend the night, at least without a tent. There's lots of flat sandstone shelves you can get your mat rolled out on. It also has weird pinnacles, similar to Stac Pollaidh in the middle distance, that are fun for folk to play around on.