Sunset over the Western Isles

I mentioned in my last post that the sun through the day in Rum wasn't very good for photographs. It was simply too strong and high in the sky. Later on though, we were treated to a spectacular sunset.

Three of us sat on the summit of Ainshval, Rum's second Corbett (whilst a fourth slept and the fifth listened to the Eurovision song contest!). We watched the sun go down over the Western Isles. It started orange before glowing a saffron yellow and turning the sky a deep red (above). The sky stayed that way for a good while, even after the sun dipped below the horizon.

The only things I regret are I couldn't find anything interesting enough to warrant a good foreground. And I expected the sun to light up the tip of Askival - Rum's other Corbett, behind us - as it descended. But it wasn't to be.

Still, it was nice to see the sun. A rare sight recently, given the Scottish Spring weather!