Participants - Bill Snee, Colin Henderson

Carlsberg must do bothies because Kearvaig bay has simply the best bothy I've ever been in.

A friend, Bill Snee, and I stayed at Kearvaig bothy on the last night of our 3-day trek from Kylesku to Cape Wrath in September 2010. Cape Wrath is located at the far top left of Scotland and is reached from the south by a day's rough walking from the beautiful Sandwood Bay or by taking a ferry west across the Kyle of Durness and then a minibus journey 15km through rough MoD land to the Cape Wrath lighthouse.

The Cape Wrath lighthouse is run by John and Kay Ure. The couple's claim to fame, if it were, was Kay's appearance in the British newspapers in 2010 when she popped out for a turkey one Christmas and didn't manage to get back for almost a month due to bad weather. On Bill and I mentioning this, John said it was quite common and it was only the fact it was Christmas and the papers got a hold of it that made it any different from usual!

Kay runs the Ozone Cafe at the lighthouse and she opened it for us, making us sandwiches and hot soup. As we finished, John offered to give us a lift down the road to Kearvaig bay where we planned to spend the night in the bothy. We gratefully accepted as it saved us about 5km walking. In fact the only one in our party not happy about it was my border collie, Marley, who had to share the truck-bed with John's six, strong and very boisterous Springer spaniels!

We ended our trip the following morning when we walked the remaining 10km to the Kyle of Durness. From there, we crossed over on the ferry (a small 10-man boat?) and hiked the last few kilometres into Durness, where we caught the afternoon bus back to Kylesku.