Walking in the Scottish Highlands

This photo was taken during a day walk on Ben Mor Coigach, a 717m high hill just north of Ullapool on the A835 road. The sensible decision at the summit was to retrace our steps back to Blughasary but Richard and I out-voted Davy and co-erced him into a descent to Culnacraig and a traverse back round to the car via the Postal Path.

The Postman's Path is so-called, allegedly, because the local postman used it to deliver mail rather than driving round the coast (maybe once!). It has built up a reputation as being dangerous in places where it has eroded into the sea and generally being difficult to follow. And this is in day time. We got off the hill and down to to Culnacraig way past dusk and almost immediately had a mini epic (benighted at 1800 hours anyone?) before Davy got us back on track by climbing out of a beach dead-end and we re-found the path. A long, undulating slog back to the car followed, during which could often be heard the mutterings of a certain Mr H "I bl**dy well told you we should have re-traced our steps". Richard and I by this time though were too tired to care.